ASU For You Gathers Resources So Learning Does Not Stop

By on March 23, 2020 0 1039Views

Arizona State University has compiled tools for education at all levels and ages all in one website.

On Friday, ASU President Michael Crow announced the launch of ASU For You.

In his email announcing the launch, President Crow stated:  “ASU For You includes many learning tools at no cost such as virtual field trips; library access; video lessons, lab and simulations in K-12 subject areas; badge and certificate programs in such as health and well-being, smart cities and environmental science; tutoring, online courses and training videos for teachers or parents teaching from home; and courses for college credit.”

With the outbreak of the corona virus forcing millions of school children to stay home from school, ASU For You promises to be a leading avenue for continuing education. This innovative solution is also one more example of how President Crow is continuing to lead ASU in innovation.

The site launched on Friday and has 16 areas of content with more promised to come. The site includes:

-Free online course materials for high school students from ASU Prep Digital, including history, chemistry, economics and art.

-Free self-paced modules in area such as entrepreneurship, healthy aging, sustainability and caregiving.

-All-age resources and articles from ASU’s famous Ask a Biologist and Ask an Anthropologist sites, including experiments, puzzles, quizzes, videos and ideas from teachers.

-Many more additional educational resources.

Visit ASU FOR You today to learn more. link to: