A Beach In Scottsdale? It’s True!

By on March 11, 2020 0 1793Views

Everyone knows the desert is much more bearable when you’re in the water, but Arizonians won’t have to settle for poolside relaxation for much longer. Forget having to make the trek to the West Coast or the 3.5-hour drive down past the Mexican border to enjoy sunny shores and sandy beaches. Scottsdale, AZ, gets its very own version of paradise in the form of a wave pool and beach when Surf Town Scottsdale opens next summer.

The new 11-acre wave pool comes complete with a beach and plenty of activities to accompany the park, including surfing, volleyball courts, running and biking trails, a fitness and rehab center, restaurants, and live entertainment. Surf Town Scottsdale is soon to be a popular destination in Arizona, especially during the blazing heat of summer.

Owner Jerry Lehman aims to bring West Coast vibes and surf culture to Arizona by hosting professional and amateur surfing competitions right here in Scottsdale. There will also be competitive bodyboarding and long-boarding, and expansive opportunities for other tournaments in the future. The pool is equipped with advanced wave machines to generate “500-800 waves per hour” that “up to 60-80 surfers” can tackle at once, according to Surf Town Scottsdale website.

The best part? You can make Surf Town Scottsdale your staycation getaway, since they host beautiful accommodation pods that make you feel like you’re on a faraway island. More details on how to book are coming soon.

Though no one knows all the details just yet, there are also some whispers of a skate park, surf school, and open swim pools, so regular swimmers can avoid avid surfers. That’s all still in the works for Arizona’s biggest manmade pool.

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