Phoenix To Welcome Democratic Presidential Candidates in March

By on February 20, 2020 0 979Views

The Democratic presidential nominees are going to be making a trip to The Grand Canyon State. The eleventh democratic debate in the 2020 run to a Presidential bid is going to be held in Phoenix on March 15th. The exact time and venue have not yet been announced.

This move by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) goes to show exactly how important the newly minted battleground state of Arizona has become to the democrats. Tom Perez, DNC Chair, acknowledged in a press, “Arizona is a battleground state, and it’s clear Democrats can win here at every level of the ballot. After historic Democratic victories in 2018, we’re putting the Republicans on defense in the Grand Canyon State.”

Arizona is being seen as a swing state for the first time in recent history since the DNC flipped seats in the last election. The Democrats are hoping to turn Arizona blue for only the second time since 1952. With an uptick in Democratic wins, the DNC has been pushing for the debate to come through Arizona since 2019. With venues scouted in 2019, Arizona was bypassed for the debate at that point.

With Super Tuesday and the majority of voting occurring on March 3rd, there is no sure thing as to the number of participants in the debate. From a field of over a dozen, the participants have already dwindled to eight. Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, and Elizabeth Warren are the current participants, but it is likely that Super Tuesday will knock a few more out of the race.

March 15th is two days before the polls will be open in Arizona, and at that point, early voting will have been going on for at least a month. No doubt, anyone who holds their vote until March 17th will be waiting on the democratic debate to see the candidates one last time before they cast their vote. With all the lofty DNC goals in mind, Perez also stated: “This debate will showcase our Democratic presidential candidates, highlight Trump’s record of broken promises and make it clear that Democrats are fighting to give Arizonans a better future.”

The DNC’s 11th debate is coming to Arizona in partnership with CHC Bold, a Hispanic political action committee. Univision and CNN will share the broadcast. As more details are released about the democratic debate, such as moderator and format, we will keep you updated.