Havasu Falls 2020 Reservations Go On Sale This Saturday

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Reservations for one of the most sought-after camping spots in Arizona go on sale this Saturday. Campground reservations for Havasupai and Havasu Falls for all arrival dates beginning March 1 and onward become available on Feb. 1, starting at 8 a.m. Arizona time.

All visits to Havasupai and Havasu Falls require a reservation before arrival. The Supai campgrounds are located along Havasu Creek between Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls, west of Grand Canyon National Park.

Here’s how you can get a jumpstart on being ready to make a reservation in time:


Go to www.havasupaireservations.com and create an account. An account is required to create a campground reservation. Campground officials strongly recommend creating and keeping your account updated to save time once reservations become available.


  • There can only be one name on a campground reservation, and the reservation is only valid if the person named on the booking (the trip leader) is present at the tourist check-in officer in the Village of Supai. The trip leader will need a valid photo I.D. – otherwise, the reservation will be deemed invalid and not honored.
  • All visitors, even if not the trip leader, must have an account registered on www.havasupaireservations.com before arrival. Officials say this is to assure that all visitors understand and are in agreement with Havasupai rules and laws.
  • All visitors must have proof of their registered accounts by either bringing a printout or screenshot of their account information page, proof of their campground reservation with a printout or screenshot of the campground reservation they are visiting under, and their photo I.D. available at all times while on Havasupai lands.


  • All campground reservations must be booked online through www.havasupaireservations.com. Phone reservations are not accepted.
  • All pricing is subject to change without notice. For context, 2019 campground reservation pricing was $375 per person for a four day and three-night visit.
  • After a reservation has been finalized and paid for, no further changes can be made.
  • All reservations are paid in full at the time the reservation is made and are non-refundable, non-changeable, and non-transferable (except for the official transfer system on the reservation website)
  • Trip and travel insurance are highly recommended.

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