Lake Pleasant Regional Park Livestreams Bald Eagle Camera

By on January 3, 2020 0 807Views

Season two of popular Arizona Game and Fish Department programming starring nesting bald eagles is now streaming, but not on Netflix or Disney Plus.

Visitors to Game and Fish’s bald eagle camera website can follow the exploits of a nesting pair at Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

Nearly 400,000 viewers tuned in to the livestream last winter and had the chance to see soaring male eagles competing for territory and four eggs being laid in two clutches.

However, the eggs were destroyed by ravens and a ringtail before they could hatch.

Game and Fish officials are crossing their fingers that nestlings will make their debuts this season.

“Despite lacking young last season, the bald eagle camera was a huge success because viewers saw the real-life struggles of nature,” Jeff Meyers, director of the department’s Watchable Wildlife program, said in a press release. “That struggle is real, and through these cameras, the public can gain a new appreciation for our fascinating wildlife.”

Depending on when you tune in, there might not be much to see. The eagles are often away from their nest for feeding.

However, Game and Fish said the action would become more consistent if eggs were laid.

The department is currently hosting wildlife livestreams 24 hours a day featuring four Arizona animals, with the eagles joining sandhill cranes, desert pupfish and bats.

A great horned owl camera is in the works and will soon join the lineup, according to the release.

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