Flex Lane Coming To I-17

By on October 2, 2019 0 829Views

Expansion and improvements, including a flex lane are coming to a stretch of Interstate 17, north of Phoenix as part of a $320 million highway project that’s expected to be completed by 2023.

The plan, put together by the state and the Arizona Department of Transportation is intended to bring better roads and infrastructure to the state.

“For Phoenicians that want to go to Sedona or Flagstaff to go skiing or beat the heat in the summer, it’s going to be an easier and safer trip and the same way for our folks in Coconino or Yavapai area that want to get down to the metropolitan area,” Gov. Doug Ducey said.

Arizona recently received a $90 million highway grant which will help to improve a 23-mile stretch of I-17 between Anthem Way and Sunset Point.

This stretch of the highway is one of the busiest in the state with over 50,000 people travelling it in a day. The new project includes the addition of a flex lane, which can be used for either direction of traffic to help make the roads safer and keep Arizonians moving on I-17.

“The flex lanes allow us to have the ease of travel and also to go with the flow of traffic,” Ducey said. “It’s like getting out of town on a Friday and coming back on a Sunday.”

“Investing in critical transportation infrastructure will drive Arizona’s 21st century economy and support future prosperity,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski. “Improving I-17 has been a priority for many years, and it is exciting to see that dream becoming a reality thanks to this collaboration led by Governor Ducey.”

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