E-Scooters are Coming to Downtown Phoenix

By on September 3, 2019 0 943Views

Downtown Phoenix is the newest area in Arizona to implement an E-Scooter program.

Michael Cano, a Phoenix traffic engineer, detailed that Phoenix will allow an E-Scooter pilot program to test in the area for six months to see how things go.

“We want to know if they are sustainable as a transportation and micro mobility option,” Cano said.

The city will issue 300 scooters each from the companies Lime, Bird, and Spin.

The scooters will be designated to certain boundaries and locations. Riders will not be able to end their ride unless they are in a designated location. The plan is to release them on Sept. 16.

Scooters have been an issue in many cities across the U.S. Scooters have been banned at many universities across America like Arizona State, San Diego State, and San Jose State.

Due to regulations and fees, Lime pulled their scooters out of Tempe just this past February.

Cities like Scottsdale have even created rules for riders, due to the dangers.

Citizens of the community of Phoenix will get to experience this transportation fad in a couple weeks, but if it’s anything like other big cities across the nation, they won’t be around for long.

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