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Arizona Universities May Broaden Decreased Tuition Rates for Immigrants

by on August 22, 2019 0
Public universities in Arizona are working to expand lowered tuition rates to illegal immigrants who graduated from Arizona high schools. This coming after President Trump eliminated enrollment in the DREAM Act created by President Obama. For several years, Arizona universities have had their illegal immigrant students that were enrolled in DACA pay more than... Read More

Free Admission To The Grand Canyon This Sunday

by on August 22, 2019 0
The National Park Service is turning 103 years old and to celebrate Founder’s Day all Grand Canyon visitors can enter the park for free on Sunday, August 25th. Fees will remain for tours, camping, reservations and concessions. Charges will resume for those staying at the park beyond Sunday. Those planning to visit the part... Read More

High-Quality Early Education Outcomes Extend To Second Generation

by on August 21, 2019 0
By: Ofelia Gonzalez For decades, early childhood researchers have used the Perry Preschool Study to show the long-term benefits of high-quality preschool for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These lasting benefits include higher graduation rates, fewer teen pregnancies, higher median income, less dependence on government services and more. An update to this well-known study focuses... Read More