Arizona Community Colleges Ranked 30th In U.S.

By on August 26, 2019 0 802Views

According to a new study by WalletHub, Arizona Community Colleges rank 30th in the U.S. based on GPA and participation.

Community college is a great way to start your college career. It helps you adapt to college life right out of high school and tuition costs much less than that of a four-year university.

Many states, like New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Tennessee have begun offering residents free rides to their local community college to encourage more student participation.

Not all states have a multitude of community colleges though, and not all states offer the same value of education.

The study by WalletHub ranked each state based on their community college system’s weighted GPA’s as well as the number of students on campus.

Washington, South Dakota, and Minnesota were named the top three, while Pennsylvania ranked last on the list of states with the top community colleges. Only states with at least two community colleges were included in the study.

In a WalletHub survey, Cochise County Community College District was ranked the 69th-best community college in America. Mesa Community College was ranked at 278 and GateWay Community College is close behind at 280.

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