Amazon Fresh Grocery Service Now Available in Phoenix

By on August 26, 2019 0 2239Views

Amazon Fresh, a unique grocery service, has become available in three new cities, including Phoenix.

Amazon Prime members can shop an array of grocery products and receive them rapidly with free two-hour delivery. If you choose to take part in this service, it will cost an additional $14.99 a month as a Prime member.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Amazon Fresh to Prime members in Houston, Minneapolis and Phoenix,” Amazon Fresh Vice President Stephenie Landry said in a Thursday press release. “Prime members tell us they want their stuff even faster.”

According to the press release, beer and wine will not be available as a part of this service in Phoenix.

Customers may also use their ‘Alexa’ to order their groceries through Amazon Fresh. This makes grocery shopping a breeze and allows you to stay home in the air conditioning and out of that debilitating Arizona heat.

The main differences between Amazon Fresh and Prime Now are that with Amazon Fresh, your deliveries are made to you in insulated green reusable bags that will be picked up and reused when your next order is delivered. Prime Now is delivered to you in paper insulated bags.

Prime Now has same-day delivery, whereas Amazon Fresh has two-hour delivery or for an additional fee, one-hour delivery.

Prime Now delivers items from Whole Foods. Amazon Fresh’s items come from an Amazon warehouse. You can also order Amazon Fresh items through Alexa.

The benefit of Prime Now is that it is included with your regular Prime membership. Amazon Fresh will cost you an extra $14.99 per month.

According to the press release, for a limited time, new customers can begin a 30-day free trial of Amazon Fresh and receive $10 off their first order of $35 or more by using promotional code Grocery10 at checkout.

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