Cool Must-Have Items For Back-to-School

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You might think your back-to-school shopping has come to an end. All of the essential school supplies are neatly stored in backpacks, but there are a few more items that can make the school year a little bit easier for you and your little one that you may not have thought about. Brace yourself, this article will make you want to pick up few more items!


Keeping children organized throughout the school year will not only help them be efficient learners, but it will also help keep your sanity. Locker storage isn’t just for school. Nothing can make a parent crazier than having school supplies all throughout the house, only to have the anxiety and stress in the morning of helping their child find and collect all the necessities that need to go back to school. Help teach your kids how to stay organized, while keeping your home clean with this at-home locker or designated backpack area.

Little Partners Two Cubby Kids Wooden Locker – Six Storage Sections

ClosetMaid 1598 KidSpace Open Storage Locker

With all the paperwork that comes home, having a plan for where it should end up is critical. Save all those important pieces in one organized area for convenience and a future walk down memory lane.

School Years Red and Blue Memory Keeper with 24 Storage Pockets

Schedules rule our life and it is always a good time to teach the little ones about planning and calendar use. Having a family calendar available for everyone to see and know what is coming in the days ahead is not only a good life skill to teach, but several of the calendars also offer fun chore organization so everyone can stay on task.

Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar for Fridge – Large Monthly Refrigerator Calendar Whiteboard


An important new trend is eliminating plastics. Not only is it great for the environment, but in some cases it is a healthier alternative to ditch the plastics. A new school year is a good time to change up the normal school lunch routine and switch to eco-friendly habits. Insulated food storage and beverage containers and re-usable sandwich and snack bags, not only make lunch making simple, but it might even save you some money. Also, you can say good bye to the mornings of realizing you have run out of sandwich baggies!

Hydro Flask 12 oz Food Flask Thermos Jar – Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated – Leak Proof

Envirogen Reusable Storage Bags (5 pack) for Food

Reusable Sandwich Bags Snack Bags – Set of 5 Pack, Dishwasher Safe Lunch Bags with Zipper, Eco Friendly Food Wraps, BPA-Free.

PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box

Hydro Flask 12 oz Kids Water Bottle – Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated


Some simple items that may not be on your radar, but can benefit your family can be found in the following items.

Do you still have a reoccurring dream that you cannot get your locker open? It is very common, but technology might have fixed the problem. How cool is this thumbprint lock?

Fingerprint Padlock Thumbprint Bluetooth Lock

It is estimated that 5.6 million children under age 18 have food allergies. That equates to one in 13 children. It can be scary for a parent whose child has an allergy, worrying about what they will come in contact during the long school day. A good solution might be as simple as a fun child’s bracelet, which will help convey the important message of an allergy.

Food Allergy Bracelets for Kids

Water bottle, lunch box, backpack, pencil case, jacket, the list goes on and on for what a child has to take with them to school. It is a good day if everything you sent them out the door with makes it home. Custom, durable, press and stick labels are a great solution for making sure those items that go missing make it back eventually. Super affordable, and can be used on just about anything.

126 Personalized Custom Name, Highly Durable, Waterproof Press and Stick Labels

Chances are you never have an umbrella when you need one. It hardly ever rains in Arizona, so we don’t think about having one available for those days when they are necessary. Here is a simple trick, especially for kids who have to walk home or wait outside for a school bus. Purchase a small collapsable umbrella that they can stick in the bottom of their backpack or a small zipped area. They won’t even know that it is there, until it is needed.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating

It is a sad sign of the times when one of the most sought after backpacks for school shopping is a bulletproof backpack. The Today Show recently ran a story on how the sales of bullet proof backpacks and inserts have increased approximately 200 percent over the past year. The backpacks are were quite expensive, but parents feel it is a small price to pay.

Streetwise Emoji Bulletproof Backpack