Arizona Cardinals Implement Digital Ticketing

By on August 7, 2019 0 767Views

Paper tickets are no more at State Farm Stadium. Starting Thursday, the Arizona Cardinals will go all digital.

If you’re planning on attending a Cardinals game this season, including preseason, you will be required to download the Cardinals free app on your mobile device in order to access your game ticket. Season ticket holders may use their pre-loaded cards to gain entry to the stadium. Paper tickets will no longer be accepted under any circumstance.

According to the team, this system will enhance security measures and reduce fraud and scalping, as well as be more convenient for fans. Though, some fans have expressed concern over the fact that technology can sometimes fail for a number of reasons. The Cardinals will have digital ticketing assistants surrounding the stadium for anyone having any issues.

Fans can still sell or transfer their tickets, but only through the app. The “SafeTix” system is used to reduce fraud and ensure that tickets are authentic. Fans will use a “tap and go” method for easy access to entrances at the stadium.

Some Major League Baseball teams have implemented digital only tickets as well, including the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, and Atlanta Braves. U.S. Soccer made the move to solely digital tickets as well. The NFL is implementing this system in all NFL stadiums as a digital ticketing initiative.

Gone are the days of walking up to the ticket booth window and talking through a little hole to get your gameday tickets. No longer will a friendly face scan your ticket and welcome you to the venue. Your smartphone will now take care of all of that for you.

If you are attending this Thursday’s preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers, make sure to download the Arizona Cardinals free mobile app for tickets:

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