Spooky Swirls Bakery Opens In Chandler

By on July 18, 2019 0 1733Views

Chandler’s new bakery is offering indulging sweets while offering a view of horror and science fiction movie memorabilia. The unique establishment is called Spooky’s Swirls. It’s a 1,575-square-foot space, and it’s located at Elliot and Alma School roads. The shop combines the owners’ love for treats and movies.

“Like peanut butter and jelly … props and pastries were made for each other!” said co-owner James Azrael.

It’s menu is completely gluten-free, and it includes: Scream Cheese Cakes, a Raisin Hell rum-raisin roll, and “Sharknado”-themed cupcakes. The bakery opened on July 3, and the official grand opening celebration will be on Aug. 10th. Paul T. Taylor, the actor in Hellraiser will be signing autographs.

The sweet shop was created in partnership with The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association. The association has supplied over 100 movie props and costumes in the bakery. The bakery will also host movie screenings, and it’ll have more than 100 vintage magazines.

Lola Forbes and Chris Szydlowski, the co-owners of Spooky’s Swirls, operated the bakery in a food truck in Phoenix before the shop became a reality.

“The HSPPA was doing an exhibit in Phoenix and Chris and Lola brought the team the most amazing Jason Voorhees-themed cupcakes … it was a like a light went off and we all started talking and realized how perfect this all was together,” Azrael said.

The owners and association chose Chandler to open the bakery due to its “perfect” location. “The layout of the store is like it was built for our idea, a perfect space for the bakery AND a perfect space to set up a museum,” he said. “Chandler is also just a great area, very welcoming and lots going on that we are excited to be a part of.”