Plan Your Daycation With ResortPass

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Summer is in full swing and with Arizona schools heading back into session in a matter of weeks, families may be contemplating one last ditch effort of a summer adventure. Or perhaps you are longing to take a personal day for yourself with plans to soak in some vitamin D poolside, while sipping on a fruity cocktail.

Move over, staycations. Hotels are now offering daycations. For those not interested in racking up room charges and fees, but want to enjoy the stunning resort lifestyle that the many great resorts have to offer, you can now indulge in the world-class hospitality for the day without having to pack a bag.  An increasing number of hotels and resorts are opening their pools to locals who aren’t overnight guests. Through an outside services such as ResortPass, guests have access to the resort amenities.

ResortPass sells day passes to high-end resorts and hotels in several states across the country. There are a dozen resorts in Arizona that allow people to purchase day passes to use amenities like the pool, spa, water slide and lazy river without having to book a tradition room. The day passes range from $15 to $35 per person, per day, depending on the resort.

Their Spa passes provides entrance into the resort’s spa but does not include any spa services.  While inclusions vary, the spa pass amenities can include access to the steam room, sauna, private pools, relaxation lounge, snacks and beverages, fitness center, complimentary wifi and even a discount on spa treatments. Resort spa passes range anywhere from $25 to $55 per person.

Cabana passes tend to be more expensive, but provide you with your own personal cabana with snacks, drinks and, in some cases meals. In general, renting a cabana is best for a group. Cabana passes range from $90 to $300 but often include 4-6 people in that price range.

How to Book

Pick a Hotel: Select your destination. ResortPass will pull a list of all participating resorts. Review your options and preferences. Hotels will sell out of the allotted passes sold. The site add new hotels every month.

Book: Select a date and designate if you would like to book a resort day pass, spa pass or cabana pass. The site works like hotel booking website. You choose the resort, the date and it shows what is available. Each listing contains photos of the resort, a description of the property, details on the amenities the resort has to offer and pricing.

Relax and Enjoy: When you arrive, check-in at the hotel. You will be asked for your ID and confirmation number. Lastly, enjoy your daycation.

Things To Know About Hotel Day Passes 

Read the fine print
Some participating resorts charge for parking. Also, check the pool hours and  food and drink service options to make sure if works within your plans.

Do the math
Sometimes with summer hotel specials, it may be cheaper to book a hotel room, giving you two pool days instead of one. Resort rates in Phoenix and Scottsdale drop significantly in the summer. For example if an Arizona resort is running a special with a room rate of  $200 including taxes and resort fees, however the cost for day passes for a family of four might be $220.

Make sure their pool is your kind of scene
Visit the hotel’s website and read reviews. Mixing water-slide-seeking kids to hip a pool party scene where a DJ is blasting electronic dance music might not be a good idea.

Budget for food and beverage
Hotel food and beverage can be pricey and they won’t allow you to haul in your own cooler of food and drinks. So plan spend money.

To learn more about booking your daycation, visit the ResortPass website.