Lose Yourself In A New 3D Illusion At The Odysea In The Desert

By on July 2, 2019 0 1050Views

A local attraction has given residents another reason to head indoors and stay out of the heat this summer. Things are wild and illusive at Surprise Your Eyes at Odysea in the Desert.

With 30 scary and enchanting murals, you’re bound to get lost in this 3D fantasy.

“So it’s putting yourself into these photos that kind of tell a story, and they become 3D when you take a picture on your phone,” said Karin Gallo, the Relations Manager at Odysea in the Desert

You don’t have to be great at photography to take the best shot. Surprise Your Eyes has strategically placed stickers on the floor to show guests where to stand. The adventure isn’t just for Instagrammers; it’s designed for everyone!

“Parents are looking for something to do with their kids, families love to come together, teens love to come together, what we want them to do is have a great experience, have fun taking these pictures,” explained Gallo.

If you’re into social media, using their hashtag can get you the exposure that you’ve been seeking.

“Surprise Your Eyes Odysea in the Desert is running a contest, so we’re looking at all the pictures that are hashtagged with #surpriseyoureyesaz, and we’re going to pick the best one every week, and we’re going to make them our social influencer, and we’re going to put it on our Facebook pages and Instagram pages,” said Gallo.

Add #surpriseyoureyesaz to your best photo for a chance to be featured. You can click here to find out more.