Large Data Center Launching In Pinal County

By on June 25, 2019 0 850Views

Saint Holdings, LLC recently announced that they are in the process of launching a 640-acre data center in Pinal County. The center will be dedicated to tech-forward businesses endeavors.

“We are at the epicenter of tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology,” said the president and CEO of Saint Holdings, Jackob Andersen. “Pinal County is no longer the hidden gem between Phoenix and Tucson.”

The center will be near the I-8 and I-10 corridor. It is an ideal location because it is already equipped with water, fiber optics, solar capability, and electric power options. It is also near Inland Port Arizona, one of the company’s mega center sites.

Saint Holdings is a real estate investment and development company, and it has been involved in the biggest land purchases in Pinal County, including a sale — that was valued at $23 million — to Nikola Motor Co. for a hydrogen-electric semi-truck manufacturing plant. The real estate investment company has also successfully closed on land deals with Lucid Motors and NextEra Energy. These deals are expected to create 4,000 jobs by 2024.

The new jobs will be centered around the creation of new-technology vehicles, renewable energy, and other tech sectors.

“Working collaboratively with all parties involved to bring these deals to fruition is what ultimately set us up for success – and through it all, Jackob (Andersen of Saint Holdings) has been at the center of it to make it happen,” said the Coolidge Mayor, Jon Thompson.

“There is a lot in store for Arizona as the region transforms into the hub for progressive technology.”

Since 2013, the investment company has owned 11,400 acres in Pinal County. As of late, they have built the groundwork in the area for an expected tech boom by collaborating with engineers, consultants, state and local entities, and land planners.