Kevin Patterson shares insight on being a dad

By on June 12, 2019 0 1502Views

Kevin Patterson is an active community advocate and the Senior Director of Human Resources for Maricopa Integrated Health System. However, his most significant role is being a dad to two daughters, Cayden and Cayla.

Being a parent is a heavy responsibility with lots of lessons along the way. Kevin shared insight about being a dad to two daughters and the values he hopes to instill in them.

He said that when he first became a dad, he wanted to seem perfect in his daughter’s eyes, but quickly learned we can’t always hide our mistakes.

Kevin explained, “At first, I wanted to be the perfect dad, and I didn’t want them to have this flawed view of me. However, I learned that I can model how to own mistakes, apologize, and make things right in ways that empower.”

Kevin shared that he hopes to teach his kids always to be kind and loving. He is diligent in treating his husband David the way he hopes his daughters will treat others throughout life and reminds them to be kind sisters to one another.

Beyond what he teaches them himself, one of Kevin’s favorite things to do is spend time with them at Changing Hands Bookstore. He said, “There’s nothing more relaxing than a good cup of coffee, some good books, and watching the girls discover new things through reading.

The best advice Kevin has for new parents is to practice self-care. “It’s very easy to make your kids your world and then burn out from not taking moments for yourself. When you’re better, they’re better,” said Kevin.