Sinema Introduces Bill Eliminating Student Loan Fees

By on June 6, 2019 0 647Views

On Tuesday, Arizona U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema introduced a bill eliminating federal student loan fees.

Sinema joined Indiana Sen. Mike Braun to introduce the Student Loan Tax Elimination Act.

“Education was my key to opportunity, and student loan debt should never stop Arizonans from getting the skills they need to build better lives,” Sinema said. “I hear from Arizonans all the time who worry about their ability to pay off student loan debt.”

Student loan fees are charged by the federal government when a federal student loan is processed. Sinema says that the fees add to the load of student loan debt. One-third of Arizona students have student loan debt when they graduate.

“Our common-sense bill eliminates federal student loan origination fees, helping Arizona families better afford college and increasing opportunities available to Arizona students,” she said.

The Arizona Education Association endorsed the bill.

The association is “excited to see legislation moving forward that addresses concerns surrounding loan origination fees.” “As student borrowers work towards achieving a higher education, it is important that student aid protections are in place that allow for a simplified repayment process for those in most need of financial assistance,” the association said.