Over $11K Left Behind At Sky Harbor Checkpoints In 2018

By on May 31, 2019 0 906Views

The next time you empty your pockets at a security checkpoint, make sure you don’t forget to check the security bins carefully.

Last year, visitors to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport left behind more than $11,000 worth of cash, mostly loose coins, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Out of the roughly $1 million that went unclaimed nationwide at airports in 2018, Sky Harbor’s collection was simply a drop in the bucket.

In a press release, the TSA stated it plans to use the windfall on checkpoint training requirements.

In 2005, TSA received clearance from Congress to spent unclaimed funds on security.

While $11,340.91 was unclaimed at Sky Harbor in 2018, visitors were even less careful in 2017, having left behind $14,391.48.

On the top 20 list of unintentional contributors in 2018, Phoenix wasn’t listed.

The top three airports were John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York ($72,392), Los Angeles International Airport ($71,748) and Miami International Airport ($50,504).

Nationwide, the total was $960,105.49, which was nearly $100,000 more than the previous year.