Goals Are For Losers

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In the heart of The Upper Middle, lives and works Arizona’s #1 Female-Led Mortgage Team – The Lizy Hoeffer Team.  Contrary to conventional thinking that populates every self-help guru’s mantra, Lizy’s success isn’t defined by setting specific goals.  Rather, she believes setting goals are for losers.

For Lizy Hoeffer, a senior loan officer with Guild Mortgage, it hasn’t been an easy road to success. Five years ago she was unexpectantly fired from her job. After the traumatic news and a lot of tears, she told herself that she could either be a victim or a boss. She went the boss route and hasn’t looked back.

Lizy told herself that she could not use her pain as a reason why she couldn’t succeed. It wasn’t easy, but she knew she needed an intentional mantra to keep her going and she turned that pain into a recipe of power to succeed.

It’s not uncommon to hear about successful business leaders who use the wealth they made to build a thriving new startup. But Lizy’s story was just the start of an inspiring future that was not founded on luck or personal wealth. Lizy, just a 5-foot girl from Nogales, Arizona, raised by a single mom who worked two jobs to provide for her family, had just pretty basic upbringing as she says. Perhaps her basic background was the foundation of Lizy’s successful career ladder.

With one painful event in her life, Lizy had to recreate her career with literally nothing. She leaned in and didn’t give up.

“I went from the girl who was fired to the one breaking freaking records,” Lizy said knowing that everyone loves an underdog. She recognized that you cannot set goals when you are in survival mode. The goal is to survive, not excel.

She quickly learned that every time she set a goal for herself, she had capped her potential. “I limited the amount of success I could have because I told myself that was the best I could get,” said Lizy.

“It is when you focus on a process that you master the process.”

The journey of entrepreneurship can be a turbulent one. It stretches your mental capacity and your emotions on a daily basis. Is it sexy? Not in any way, but Lizy’s message is that when you challenge your mindset, you stop putting limitations on where you can go. The message is to stop saying your biggest goal is “XYZ” and to focus on having a plan, a mission, live by purpose and what you feed your focus is exactly what you become.

Successful business leaders who have started their journey from the ground up, with no funding and sometimes no education or experience, can beat the odds and build massive successes. As in Lizy’s case, she stopped putting limitations on herself as to where she could go. She ignored the reasons and excuses to fail and set out on a mission to show up and excel.

Lizy feels her key to success is simple, “You cannot do extraordinary things without extraordinary effort. I am not special, I have just worked super hard for a super long time with purpose.”

Everyone is capable of a comeback. Lizy challenge is to not have goals, set plans and have a purpose.

You can learn more about Lizy by reading her Boss Lady Blog where she offers regular great tips on saving money.

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