Subscription Cooking Box For Kids Created By Phoenix Woman

By on May 28, 2019 0 945Views

Subscription cooking boxes are no longer exclusively for adults, thanks to a new service.

Stephanie Lucas, a North Phoenix resident, is the creator of the “Give Garden,” which provides kids with an opportunity to have fun in the kitchen.

A registered dietician working with school districts and a mother of two, Lucas created the service to help solve a common issue.

“There seems to be a real disconnect between cooking and preparing food at home,” she said. “I think our society has really moved to fast foods and that’s creating some health effects in the long run.”

Geared towards kids ages 4 to 14, the subscription service has recipes that rotate each month. It can be a side dish, a dessert, an appetizer or a main course.

Also included in the box is a recipe card with fun facts and nutrition education, along with an ingredient list and what supplies are needed from home. The recipe card is also broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

“So the parent knows when they need to help and when the child can independently do the step on its own,” explained Lucas. “This is intended for the child to get a sense of accomplishment and some sense of independence.”

While the box will make kids more aware of the foods they eat, it also allows for quality family time without the need for electronics or screen time.

“It’s hard to find opportunity to turn the technology off, slow down 30 minutes and really engage as a family,” said Lucas.

Through partnerships with Valley school districts, Give Garden keeps it local and cost-effective.

The boxes are prepared using food that food services workers already have. It’s a win-win when the school district makes a little extra money off the catering and employees can pick up extra hours to add to their paychecks.

There’s another reason for the Give Garden name as each purchase of a box gives to a charity. User accounts can be linked to a charity and 15% of the price is donated to that charity.

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