Dia de las Madres remembered by local mom

By on May 12, 2019 0 1179Views

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women in our lives who support and love us in ways that no one else can. Often this holiday is filled with flowers, cards and lunch out at a local restaurant to celebrate our moms. While this is a common tradition in the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated differently in our neighboring country of Mexico.

There are some similarities in how we celebrate the day but one of the most significant differences is Mother’s Day is celebrated in Mexico on Friday, May 10 and known as Dia de las Madres.

Carmen Monroy, a local mother who immigrated from Mexico, remembers the large community celebrations that were held to honor Dia de las Madres.

Monroy grew up in a farming community where neighbors joined together for local festivities to celebrate all mothers.

As a child, Monroy, along with her siblings, would clean the house thoroughly, buy roses and take their mother out for a walk of sightseeing. Schools would commemorate the day with performances to celebrate all mothers.

She remembers music playing late into the night by Mariachis, Las Mañanitas; a traditional Mexican song often played during birthdays and other important holidays, played throughout the day of celebration.

Monroy remembers how families gathered together, not just the parents and kids, but aunts, uncles and cousins all would join as one in recognition of the mothers who made up their family.

Now in the US Monroy celebrate quietly with the family she has here. She can’t help but feel nostalgic remembering the community celebrations, but enjoys being able to celebrate the holiday with family on both Dia de las Madres and Mother’s Day.