Letter from the editor: Welcome to The Upper Middle

By theumphx on April 21, 2019
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Stephanie Adames, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Upper Middle, a community news site — connecting the upper middle neighborhoods of Phoenix.

Each week we will update you with stories in the community and on topics that may interest you. As the editor and fellow resident, I hope to bring you stories that inspire, empower and inform you.

Many of our writers are from Phoenix and understand the importance of community news. In a world that can be so divided, we know the importance of coming together to connect. We hope to cast a light on all the good-doers that impact our community. We seek to gain their insight and capture their drive to better our society.

The Upper Middle team has spent the past several months putting together this site to unite our community. As we grow, we plan for this to be a place not only for news but for community collaboration.

To make this venture a success, we want to hear from you! Tell us what stories and topics you want to read about. If you know of a great story or person we should highlight, let us know. You can provide all your input here.

Happy reading!

Your neighbor,

Stephanie Marie Adames