Coworking spaces offer more than just space

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Coworking spaces are a viable alternative to working from home. Small and upcoming new business are opting to work around other companies. These spaces encourage productivity and collaboration through a shared space. Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, or tend to travel a lot, coworking space presents a new alternative to the traditional office or home working space.
Workers and entrepreneurs alike can work in spaces that are a far cry from the drab and isolated work environments of yesterday. These spaces also vary in their designs and functions, so businesses are offered plenty of choice in their search for the perfect work environment.
Phoenix, in particular, offers a wide assortment of coworking spaces throughout the valley. These spaces provide offices, work desks and conference rooms for individual and teams looking for a space to work without the lengthy time commitments of leasing a traditional office.
Jenny Poon and Odeen Domingo started CO+HOOTS as one of the first coworking spaces in Phoenix. In 2009, Jenny began a small branding company, Eeko Studio. The business was first operated out of their home with a few interns all working out of their guest room. However, they had to use coffee shops to conduct proper business meetings. They needed an office space but weren’t able to afford space for their size.
“For the first four years, we were the only coworking space in Phoenix … the concept grew within the central Phoenix area, and there are now more than 20 coworking spaces with more to come, ” said Odeen Domingo, CO+HOOTS foundation co-founder.

A need that led Poon to look high and low throughout Phoenix for office space, but the results were not fruitful. Looking for office space, Jenny and Odeen faced a lot of rejection from realtors.
“When Jenny made those calls (to realtors), they either hang up or laughed and hung up,” said Domingo.
As time went by, they grew to know the downtown Phoenix community and make several connections. Jenny and Odeen decided to build a coworking space in Phoenix, unaware of the concept of coworking. Their business turned into a sensation that required more space as membership grew.
CO+HOOTS is a central Phoenix coworking office that boasts a 14,000 square foot workspace. The compact workspace offers several resources such as standing desks, a kitchen, conference rooms and private office spaces. The atmosphere of this place is more personal and snug but oozes personality for those looking for a more affordable working space. All three of these plans also require a one-year agreement.
CO+HOOTS also offers classes through their Coots Foundation. The classes focus on entrepreneurial education for underrepresented communities. Free sessions are also open to the public and include programs for high school students who attend title one schools.
Poon and Domingo are just a couple of many people who saw a need for coworking spaces. This new form of work style has started the trend of coworking spaces throughout the US.
Galvanize, a business offering coworking spaces throughout the United States brings industry and education together. Galvanize offers members a professional workspace with a more fast-paced atmosphere. In 2017, Galvanize opened its downtown Phoenix campus in the warehouse district. It is a sizable campus-based organization where people can learn and work on startups.
Three different memberships levels are offered at Galvanize: open seatings, gray desk, and suites. All three membership levels come with 24/7 key card access to the building, for emergency businesses or late night work; kitchen access; and many amenities that include coffee, tea, and snacks. They offer mentorships from Phoenix businesses professionals who specialize in marketing, consumer products and leadership skills. Each mentor works with the community to help startups grow and make connections to be successful.
From large organizations like Google and Banner Health to small businesses, Galvanize offers a space where innovation and collaboration are possible. The added amenities include more phone rooms, space for podcast and conference calls.
“We specifically picked downtown because we want to be a place for the whole community to come together,” said Diana Vowels, general manager of Galvanize.
Coworking spaces continue to grow and pop up across Phoenix.
This exponential growth in the Phoenix area highlights an upward trend that is spreading across the country as Vowels believes.
She said, “Coworking spaces create a place where people can collaborate and share ideas … it’s the networking and collaboration that helps you grow.”